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Seven Chakra Antik's Aura Candles Set  for Meditation, Chakra Balance and Balancing Your Psysical,Emotional,Mental and spiritual Energies

Our outward lives reflect imbalances in our inner lives 
Antik’s aura candles help you focus on the inner energy and balancing your physical, emotional,mental and spiritual energies.

And being healed is to become connected once more to the soul from the body in a way that helps to understand life and help to understand the root causes of any disease that afflicts us. 

Antik’s aura candles is like no other candles because it give access to the fabulous world and supports the body’s ability to heal itself by restoring its energy balance, learning to come back to yourself and being able to truly relax into who you are. 

A person's experience of the Antik's aura candles and the way the respond is unique to each person the size of a person’s aura and chakra is constantly changing, depending on mood, health and level of spiritual development also changes depending on various circumstances each seven chakras associated with a specific location and the maintenance of specific physical and emotional functions described as Seven-coloured candles. 

Chakras are the diving force of our inner energy system. Made up of seven main energy centres controlling different parts of the body and mind energy channels that link them.Chakras are part of our inner spiritual body,described as whirling rainbow vortices of energy that empower the aura, the energy field aroud us that receives and transmits life force between us and the world. 

You can see the egg-shaped field auras around the candle light is accessed from the universal life force is drawn into your body through each of seven major chakras

a few deeply contemplative minutes provide a perfect way of interacting with the power of Antik's aura candles. Once you have freed yourself from distraction,breathe deeply, relax and allow your mind to journey into the meditation. 

The universal lifeforce


The consciousness of the universe that flows through every living thing. The purpose of Antik’s aura candles is to increase the available life force within us. The benefits of the increased energy flow are numerous 

• Pain relief
• Stress relief
• Increased joy
• Increased creativity 

As well as healing of both acute and chronic conditions and an increased ability to fulfill one's potential. 

Antik’s aura candles is useful in every aspect of daily life 
• Health and body
• Work and success
• Money
• Relationship
• Passions
• Happiness
• Love
• Life
• Enhance the power of crystal by burning Antik’s aura candles
​• Open Your Third Eye It is responsible for helping you to see the world more clearly.
​• Any subject of you choosing As well as adding a 
lightness and brighness by lighting The Antik's aura candles 

Antik's aura candles are like magnet it would seem by sending out abandance-attracting energies into the cosmos from your personal aura or psychic energy field amplified through the candles opening our personal energy field or aura. 



Since 1998 the result of my own journey that began with a confusion experience.I wanted to find something for myself that improve my life better.
I was interested about the crystal,so I have learned how to enhance the power of the crystal by burning candles and invented Antik aura candles for healing, personal empowerment or protection purpose and cleaning your aura,I've spent more than 10 years to invented  and experiment the Antik's aura candles.
The affirmation I have listed everyday purposes and how the Antik's aura candles can be helpful in spiritual,psychic development 
that is thought to be a powerful aid to spiritual advancement that promote feeling of divine love intuition and creative inspiration and alleviate some or all of the symtoms  ​​

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