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Antik's Aura Candles
Made of Natural Bees Wax.
Natural beeswax Wild flower,Longan,Sunflower are the types of flowers that the bees have been foraging on.
For white color candle besswax is not bleached or dyed;It is achieved through a unique filtering process
Why Beeswax?
Beeswax is best for those with allergies or sensitivities to scents and Antik's aura candles has a natural honey aroma with nothing added and provide light that is closest to natural sunlight and long burning Our candle wicks are top quality 100% cotton,They are pre-waxed for easy lighting candle burn for an hour these burn times are measured with a continuous burn
Eco Friendly Enviro-Dyes
  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-calcinogenic
  • Dyes are not tested on animals
Handmade Clay Pots Hight Quality Terracotta
Antik's aura candles Handmade 100%
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