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Create a relaxed atmosphere is that the room is clean,quiet,warm and comfortable music it can be relaxing for you and may even influence the success of treatment.
However,make sure you keep the volume at a level where the music can be heard but is not obstrusive
  • Preparing yourself your clothes should be clean,your hands washed ensures that no offensive smells.You should also remove your watch and any jewellery,shoes and socks out.
  • Make a dedication.You might say''may this candle work only with the power of unconditional love and light'',''for the highest universal purpose of...''.
  • Place candle into clay pot and press it gently to make candle sticked with pot and then light the candles.
  • Place the candle about a metre away from you
  • Come to lie face up with your feet on the corners of your mat.Let them drop point outward.
  • Place your arms out at your side with your plams facing upward(Savasana,Corpse pose).
  • You can sit in an upright chair,in a cross-legged yoga posture.
  1. As you lie motionless,become aware of change and movement that continues in your body,yourheartbeat,blood flow around your body cellular activity that visibly rejuvenates your whole being.
  2. Focus on every breath.Each is a celebration of life nourishing you with everything you need for a healthy,enjoyable life.
  3. Tense each set of muscles in turn,from feet to head relax them gradually sinking into the floor or chair.
  4. Visualize yourself in perfect surroundings.You are safe,warm,and secure.
  5. This is your link with the Divine Source..Allow these lights to pour in throughtout your body..nurturing ever cell,every fibre of your being with pure consciousness.
  6. Feel the power of this connection as the light bathes your body internaly and externally.
  7. A conciousness taking you beyond space and time into a state of deeper awareness.
  8. Affirm that you wish to balance your Chakra and ask for assistance from the hidden power and be clear about what you want to archieve,unlocking the mental blocks that chained you.
  9. Wait in relaxed meditation mode until candles burn them all together for the chakra to become calmer or balanced.
  10. After this time,it is time to allow yourself to come back slowly and gently to everyday awareness.
  • Better toperformed once a day,everyday to cures ills,soothes emotions and enables us to create the life that we want.
  • Antik's aura candles healing can be combined in a complementary way with the other should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment.
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