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Antik's aura candles for Clearing Negative Energy

Updated: May 22, 2018

Antik's aura candles can help you removing negative energies and blocks from the aura and the body allow positive energy to flow.

You can also light the white candles which is recommended for clearing the negative energy around you and your inner such as aura and chakras.

White candles have been used for centuries for the specific purpose of removing negative energy from a space.

Creating a sacred space What you will need for your sacred space:

  • A white candle This can be lit whenever you or the family or friends sit in the sacred place.

  • Bowls of varied small crystals You can place your crystals beside the candle this way can clean the negative energy after you just used your crystal during meditation

  • You can use Fragrance, for example a pot of fragrant herbs

  • This time should be your special mobile-free, time when you play your favorite music and let the worries of the day and the future flow into the crystals and the candle flame.

Begining to relax

  • Sit comfortably ,or if you prefer ,lie down.

  • Close your eyes breathe calmly and deeply for a few minutes and let any thoughts drift away.

  • As you do this, notice any tension in your shoulders or back, and physically relax the muscles.

  • Think only of the here and now, not what you should be doing.Bring your mind to the absolute present.

  • If thoughts try to invade your open mind, acknowledge and release them, paying them no attention.

  • Now slowly allow peace and happiness feeling the fill the empty space this step will help your mind clean, pure full of positive energy. 

  • When the candle is burned all open your eyes slowly and say a dedication or a blessing to allow yourself to come back into the everyday world around you with the positive energy inner this will help you feel the warmth of happiness and peace growing inside.

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