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Antik's aura candles for healing chronic diseases and to alleviate symptoms

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Candle is used in mystical rituals to represent the four elements of nature. A lit candle sets in motion the forces of nature. The light of the candle represents the fire element, as a purifier of the energies. The content of the candle, the wax, embodies the earth element, which liquefies connoting the water element, to then transform into gas, representing the air element.

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How to work the 7 chakras?

The body is the vehicle of consciousness and the 7 chakras are the wheels of energy that carry that consciousness through all the phases and trials of our life.

Are you aware that you live in an internal struggle between what your mind thinks, your heart longs for and your body manifests? We all want to be happy and live in peace but our vibration is disharmonized and our self divided. In some, it is the mind that governs the ship by silencing the rest. In others it is pure emotion without self-control. Creating consensus and union in our interior is a fundamental part to heal and heal our environment.

The knowledge of the energy system of the 7 chakras is to become aware that we are unique beings, with power over our lives and we are part of the rest of the universe without forgetting who we are or renouncing our destiny to be happy and fully realized beings.

The universe is energy in the form of vibration, sound, color ... Everything that surrounds us and conforms is provided by them so that we are an indivisible part of the entire universal energy network. Our 7 chakras constantly interact with the outside and help us to balance, heal and react in an equitable way to stimuli. When the 7 chakras are open and in good working order we feel balanced, but the traumas experienced, the negative thoughts, the toxic relationships, even what we eat, influence our energy and therefore can block the chakras.

Working with our energy consciously gives us back the power of decision over the events of it. We are not puppets in the hands of an invisible and anarchic "something", or rather, of a capricious and unpredictable God.

The energy of the universe or the energy of God is governed by specific laws. Knowing these laws facilitates our existence. To vibrate our chakras to the sound of the cosmic energy is possible.

7 coloured candle meditation: Ritual

We tend to think that achieving inner peace is an utopian dream and something that certain people with this innate capacity get, which is something beyond our reach given the stress and lack of time in our life. We all have that capacity and potential. It is more, in essence, we are all harmony, peace and above all love.

Opening the door to that peace, to connecting with the inner silence, may be easier than you imagine. The simple act of lighting a candle opens the door to the awakening of that loving essence that dwells in all of us. I invite you to give yourself the opportunity to discover yourself in that intimacy and warmth that lives in you waiting to be discovered.

The candle of the seven chakras is a direct connection with the purest light energy and with your heart.

Harmonize the 7 chakras and activate them:

Through the ritual, you will initiate an internal dialogue to find the solution of many of your internal problems and conflicts. Each color that ignites releases a healing energy.

Each candle portion brings with it a call to the beings of light who continually watch over you and are willing to intercede for your happiness and inner peace. With these candles, you can work each chakra to bring you the inner harmony and calm necessary to improve all those aspects of your life that bring you confusion and struggle, while giving you adequate health and overall wellbeing.

With the 7 coloured candle meditation, together with other tools, you will open the door to your interior, to the treasure that is hidden in you, the key to the information that is contained in all of us waiting to be heard.

Our thoughts and emotions create our world by attracting some experiences or others, so our body is the vehicle that makes it possible for all this to be experienced in the material dimension. Connecting the 7 chakras facilitates dialogue and consensus of all parties to provide a fuller, more balanced and happier life.

The meditation visualizing the 7 chakras, specific breathing exercises of each one, conscious stretching and working with the sound of each chakra are some of the many tools that facilitate their unlocking and optimal functioning.

The chakras are the points that interweave and maintain the balance between the polarities of the material and the spiritual, the mind and the body, the sky and the earth, light and darkness. Each chakra has a specific color, vibration and sound.

With this ritual you can, in a simple and effective way, connect with each chakra and establish an internal dialogue that activates and unifies your energy.

Invite your guardian angels to protect the opening to the light energy at all times.

The blockade of the 7 chakras

Stress, negative thoughts, fast food, alcohol, chemicals, traumas and many other habits in our lives, can block the 7 chakras.

The blocking of the 7 chakras entails a specific symptomatology of each chakra. For example, the first chakra governs the aspects of sexuality, survival and self-confidence, so if it is blocked, it creates emotions of paralysis and impotence in the face of difficulties, fear and low self-esteem, leading to constant anxiety. for the false belief of not being able to take root in life and prosper.

At physical levels, sleep disturbance, fatness, poor circulation, fatigue and poor circulation.

Unlocking of the 7 chakras

It is achieved through conscious work with them. Tools such as sound, breathing, the practice of disciplines such as yoga or chikung, visualizations, rituals with the candle of the 7 chakras are necessary ... But all this requires perseverance and commitment with ourselves to be better each day.

Include these essential ingredients for the equation in pursuit of happiness. Every precise change of our effort, do not get rusty before the first difficulty, get up and take strength, you will see how faith in yourself grows.

Realize that we are versatile, our subject is changing, that is, in the same way that we manage to model our body in a gym by applying time and training, we can strengthen our spirit and our emotional and physical health no matter how bad we think we are.

Our essential being is perfect and enjoys perfect health

We must polish all that surface full of excuses, complaints, obsolete mental programming and negative thoughts that take us away from our power. Set yourself up in the now, avoid constantly bringing the past with its wounds and pains to your present and do not give credit to your mind when you invent a future full of darkness and catastrophes.

The future and the past do not exist, only in our mind and it depends on us to concentrate on the present moment and inner listening. The decision is always ours and I assure you that the reward for the efforts invested is felt sooner than you think.

Forgive, release and trust. Life is infinitely more creative and unlimited than you when it comes to solving difficulties that your limited mind considers insurmountable. Open up and let yourself be surprised by the gifts of the now.

Do not believe me, try it for yourself, give yourself the opportunity to be happier every day and to better understand your whys and those of those around you. Bet on your inner light and let the world see it and nourish it. The gifts of life are coming to your hands, open yourself to the experience of the immutable being that dwells in you.

Healing powers of candles

Before starting a ritual we will have to choose properly the color of the appropriate candle. Each color has its own energetic harmony:

  • YELLOW: It has stimulating powers, indicated for constipation, diabetes, indigestion, menstrual pain or skin conditions.

  • ORANGE: Its color has very good energetic properties, it is indicated in bronchial problems, asthma, cough, exhaustion, epilepsy and arthritis.

  • WHITE: It is the symbol of purity, the ideal color for concentration, to meditate and achieve inner peace. It helps increase the amount of milk for women who are breastfeeding. It helps with fractures and bone decalcifications, also with dental pains.

  • BLUE GREEN: Helps to fight stress, balances the body and eliminates body tensions, for infections, inflammations, eye problems, hypertension and nutrition disorders.

  • BLUE: Relaxing, for the treatment of burns, headaches, fever, insomnia, minor injuries and throat irritations.

  • BLUE VIOLACEOUS: The color of this candle provides vigor and mental agility, it is also appropriate for asthma, depression, mental and nervous disorders, tuberculosis pneumonia, deafness, Parkinson's disease and intestinal problems.

  • VIOLET: It favors concentration, creativity. It is recommended to treat asthma, allergies, thrombosis, colds, mental disorders, stress, tumors of different location and sinusitis. Spells to provide more energy.

  • RED: The color of greater vitality and energy, very invigorating. It is used to treat cancer, leukemia, paralysis, neuralgia, liver infections, frostbite and most important diseases.

  • GREEN: It is related to fertility, indicated for headaches, kidney diseases, chills, blood hypertension, nervous problems and ulcers.

  • ROSA: Protects, helps rejuvenate, treatment of heart disease, anxiety, depression, hearing problems, kidney and constipation.

With the candles, everything is magical, just by lighting them, we get into a special moment, creating a specially romantic and mysterious atmosphere to start a ceremony or a ritual. The light of the candle is hypnotic, it helps us to focus our attention on the flame. Fire has always been related to magical and religious aspects of nature.

The power comes from your own energy, and as you turn on the candles and begin to meditate, you to power your psychic capacity through the cosmos, attracting the energies of attraction and intention in them so that it materializes in what you request.

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