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How to Cleanse Crystals with candles?

Combing crystal and candles can enhance energy work for powerful vibrations in meditation or Reiki.

Let’s burn your candle and enjoy the beautiful glow as the candle

light shines on your crystal for enhancing the energy healing and cleaning your crystal.

It is important for you to clean the crystal before meditation or after because your crystal will be able to absorb positive energy or healing energy and transfers though your chakras

  • Wash your crystal with cold water before meditating For clearing all negative energies, impurities and other’s energies. (do not use any soap just water)

  • If a crystal color is hot like red,burn the red candle.Enhance the power of a crystals by burning a candle of similar color

  • Rub the candle gently with your palms focus on wishing for clearing all negative energies from your crystal

  • Burn the candle and waiting until the candle burned all

  • Now your crystal is ready to use during meditation! Enjoy!

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