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Reiki and Antik's Aura Candles Healing

The candle's flame can transfers the healing energy while we meditating for our body to absorbing the positive energy into our inner.

To use Antik's aura candles with reiki you can simply burn the candle in your home or your workplace to create the relaxing atmosphere and help you working more effectively.

Each candle color means something different that helping you achieved your proposes. (read more)

If you light the candles everyday you will be more achieved with the slowly absorbing the healing energy from the candle's flame because our body can feels the warmth of the heat from the candle's flame which will make us more relaxed, feeling the safe, love and comfortable you can make a spa in your home with the easiest way with the gently scent of the natural beeswax.

by this way.

Light the candle in your room and massage your body to make your body absorbing more energy with your hands.

Hands is the best equipment for the reiki healing place your hands above the candle flame to feel the medium heat from the candle's flame make a dedicated that what you wishing to achieved and then place your hands on your body that you feel that you have problem with it and wanted to fixed it.

If you feel sad you have to place you hands on your left chest to make you feel the warmth and calm.

If your legs are hurt you can place your hands on it.

If you are happy you can place your hands to anywhere on your body to send the healing energy to your body part. (this is the thank you letter for your body that have been working all the time to make your life better everyday.)

You can repeatedly doing that for 3 times and start to make the mind clear and thinking about positive things that you want to achieved along with meditated.

After the candle slowly burned all and you have a great time with meditated you will feel more happier and healthier and ready to face any situation in your daily life.

You can change your clothes or wash yourself to make your body more clean and cleaning the bad things and ready to absorb the good energy from the universal life force.

Why Antik's aura candles is good for Reiki? because Antik's aura candles made from the hands one person hands that has clear mind and have good purpose for to make the best candles for the best result to make a great achievement for someone who lighting these candles.

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